Back Support

Back Support

Back Support
From $40.95

Comfortable lumbar sacral support in a double-layer design for additional lift and support to the lower back area.
Helps to reduce pain through stabilization and compression to the lower back area.
Pain relief through additional compression thanks to the double-layer design.
Provides additional lift and support to the lower back area thanks to its double-layer design.
Enhanced stability due to its firm material.
Enhances proprioception by stabilizing the back to keep an upright posture.
Contoured fit through its asymmetrical wings.
Easily adjustable compression thanks to the double-layer design.
Comfortable to wear even when sitting as four flexible stays help to maintain positioning of the belt.
Easy application and removal through wrap-around design.
Customized fit through quick and easy adjustability in a wrap-around design.
Smooth, durable surface helps to prevent pilling.
Suitable for those sensitive to latex, as this product is not made with natural rubber latex.
Easy to clean for better hygiene, machine washable at a gentle 40¡C/105¡F wash.
Suitable for both shorter and taller people as available in two heights.
Unisex, fits both men and women.
Available in six sizes, plus a universal size.

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